" transitional elements "


corners turned and lessons learned, i am coming around the bend.

continuous growth and refinement, my skills are honed.

loves lost as precursor to love gained, as precursor to love sustained.

electrons, protons, neutrons, body mind soul.

tonight's homework:

come up with ten cool names for a secret society based around one to three of your favorite hobbies, then make edits, and then make invitations and pass them out.



" just the goods "


just simple things as usual.

pass on your knowledge. no one can benefit from your light if you keep it clutched tightly in your clasped palms. be a source of information, facts, tips, inspiration, and confidence-building. we all needed help at one time, and it helps the world to help out where and when you are able.

meditation, while not for everyone, is actually a practice which is great for everyone. not all are keen to sit still and contemplate nothing. but the repercussions of not taking time out of your day/wee/month/year/life, is that your body collapses and crumples in on itself. all that pent up frustration and energy just lingering along the lengths of your muscles with no outlets for flexion. give yourself a break at least once a day, and you will feel great in small increments.

eat well and include the idea of fresh into your diet without sacrificing all the horribly indulgent. no one but yourself can bring about a change in any of the patterns and habits you currently have. at least not outright. do your best to remain healthful, and hopefully you will be strong enough physically to fight off disease when it eventually take a swing at your wellbeing.

dance anywhere and everywhere.

hug people! it releases endorphins.

dare to skip or frolic. all of those people, those faceless masses you constantly worry are staring at you with their ominous cold judgmental eyes? they'll never remember you were there in ten minutes.

be nice.

be kind.

spread the good word.

tonight's homework:

you did such a great job this week. congratulations and thank you for your valiant efforts. enjoy your weekend, and we'll see you next week.



" pooling resources "


spending your time making sure that the people you care about have enough. plenty of attention, love, time, hugs, nourishment, story times, clothing, bedding, housing, and infinite other materials and immaterial.

whenever i look around my room at the apartment i now call home, i see so many items i have received from others, and the empty spaces where i have given away and/or donated away. we are born with no materials at all, and throughout our lives, we do our best to surround ourselves with as much as possible.

what if we spent more of our days worrying less about that one item which will make your life better, but is ultimately a showpiece until the next best greatest thing comes along. i too am a participant of the amassment of material(s), but i am trying to do better.

i am trying to be better about everything. to reduce my earthly desires however strong, to dissipate my suffering however pleasurable, to find another path devoid of disillusionment, confusion, and come to the more beneficial conclusions. and it is hard.

health is wealth and all those idioms which we shrug off until we're sick. i recently had a couple-day bug in my body, and it was shocking how potentially ill-prepared i was, how maybe alone i was (other than my roommate who is pretty tops, but was hit at the same time by the same bug!). had i been in a different financial bracket or housing situation, it could have been not only a couple days, but a much longer stint of illness.

so perhaps paring down on those unnecessary items, and stocking up on first aid care, meaningful conversations, face-to-face social interactions, laughter shared by mutually hilarious situations, and one and on.

there's so much time left. there's so little time left. we have so much, and we have so little. it's time to take stock, make hard choices, and push hard for happiness over long-term hardships. and you're not alone. you're never alone.

tonight's homework:

put out the good word, the positive energies, the healing mantras, and the joys into the world, and expect nothing in return.



" body breaks "


intermittent flashes of daylight, or was it the room light? no curtains, blustery wind chills flurrying outside, like the snow goblins are rapping at the gates.

going in and out of the most gold beautiful dreamscapes filled with wondrous everythings, then descending into ceaseless dark nightmares. i could feel the chilled grasp of sickness about my body, from the top of my head down to the tip of my pinkie toe.

and then the searing heat of double comforter plus radiator plus multiple hoodies trying to cook the ills out. body aches in abundance, where each direction turned creates new entire universes of curious sensation. a full-body migraine envelops and you shudder with heat chills and freezing blazes.

and then the morning broke. the sunlight was soft and lovely. i could hear children chattering on the street below, and i felt better.

emerging from my nested cocoon, i believed i was well enough to tackle standing upright, and potentially eating like a normal human again. only time will tell.

tonight's homework:

make sure you have an emergency contact in mind, and in reality. nothing like having someone miss or care for you while you are down for the count.



" the past is a beacon "


people go in an out of your life, the ways we are navigated like a map of lingering moments, or how it felt to run through the woods in the deep golden hour of an afternoon, dodging the tall thin tree trunks.

those ones which shared your company, the ones which met you at a pivotal time, who helped you place a location to a face. these are the ones which shine a light through the past to our present, and keep our notions of friendship clear.

never sure how much easier we all will keep in touch in the modern age. the crutch of social medias too easily become our daily examples of interaction. but what a foundation is the past. what beautiful skeletons of experience we've made strong through those fleeting moments.

to be known in the world, to be understood and recognized. to have laughed, loved, and shared. these are the base elements of memory.

tonight's homework:

reconnect with someone from your past. though distance and demeanor have progressed and altered, you may find that no time has passed at all.




" rest up, hurtling forward "


aching joints, skin feeling like it's one large bruise, and a case of the ole DJ gurgle guts.

what happens to you when you don't sleep enough, or the chemical balance in your internal ecosystem is out of sorts? should i cocoon myself? take the longest bath ever? shut the curtains and make a nest of all comforters?

at this point, everything seems like the right idea.

tonights homework:

remember that it's monday, and you must take care of yourself. 



" a moment enters and exits "


here, then not here, the spectral once-lingering ideas, the inspirations, the glimmers of genius. one has to harken the presence of life-altering moments, then take hold of them.

clutch them within your mind, write them down, make good on your promises to uphold their truths. we are lost momentarily when searching for the last wisps of such situations.

something moves you intensely and changes your entire trajectory. know it, be a witness to it. embrace and name it aloud.

you are marked with this flush, and it's vibrancy sears itself into your soul. you know you are never able to deny how you have transformed.

tonight's homework:

try to begin a journal, notebook, google doc, or audio recording archive of all the dreams you can remember from now on. the dissection of dreams can be serious work, weird aftermaths of strange tales, and curious overlapping of every moment that you have experienced in your entire life. dare to delve into your dreams, and find yourself inside of yourself.



" advice on being human: update "


werd werd, the project is coming along nicely. i am hoping that i can have this at least up before the end of the year.

big ups to my small group of awesome volunteers helping me to transcribe the interviews. you all are my peanut butter & jelly, and my jazz jam.

the images are developed and soon to be scanned. thank you again to all the participants for your participation and candor.

trying to sift through all the available options for presentation on the site, and whether to present audio clips as well. hmm...

after the next phase, which i believe will be the last phase, i am readying a book template of this project, of which i hope to make available to any and all interested parties.

if anyone would lake to participate in the next version of "advice on being human," please feel free to contact me! cool cool, until then, make sure you do all you can to follow through on your dream-realizations; everything is happening all the time, and i believe in you.



" star stuff "


dear friends,

borne out of a dance of atomic particles, colliding and exchanging electric transmissions, you have emerged into the world fully formed and ever-evolving.

we describe often the coming and goings-on of energies, transference, and other biological processes. brief moments of such significance, however light or minuscule, aide in the shaping of everything.

when you remove the attributes of the purely molecular, the purely mechanical, the machinery of it all, what is left is the loveliest jumbled and enigmatic array of soul, personality, imagination, humor, and demeanor.

when i first heard of the well-known carl sagan quote, i was astounded and needed to sit with it for a while.

"The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff." 

you remain the most intriguing entity connected to all things. singular and unlike all others, surely there has been and never will be any being like you. and this is the amazing reality of your everyday.

the simplicity of it all magnified by the sheer complexity and randomness of it all. we are all the deep realized truth of the original promise of it all. that out from nothing, everything emerged like a beautifully mirrored dark matter, into an extended and everlasting luminance.

ever yours lovingly,

c. bay on a friday of no particular distinction



" daily rituals "


connect once a day. jump up in the air, scream out loud, high five friends and strangers, emote fully, and fear nothing at all.

smile once a day. laugh into the universe, dance in the middle of the circle, have a drink with a colleague, sing karaoke, dive into the deep end of a pool and linger underwater to experience near-weightlessness.

be brave once a day. ask things of the world around you, put out positive energies and expect nothing in return, help people with their tasks, make waffles, clean your room, house, life. 

tonight's homework:

make sure to do something once a day which scares you. face your fears to confront them, in the hopes that you will elicit the same bravery in others. the worst they can say is no, the best they can say is yes every time.




" cool kids "


remember to look up once in a while. you may realize that you're not the center of attention, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

being not the one in the spotlight all the time allows you unique perspectives on everyday life. you are more able to observe other people and their behaviors. you see how they act when in public, how they are kind, and maybe how they use clothing, status, or attitude to push other people down while attempting to pull themselves up.

what i know to be true about those sort who hold their noses higher is that they only pull up the fact that they are more sad, more depressed, more anxious, more insecure, and when behaving admonishingly, made more ugly in the shadow of their own creation.

better to be humble, proud, strong, brave, and do your best on your own terms, rather than attempt to mimic such behavior otherwise. you have the power to dictate your demeanor; hold your head high.

you come from the royalty of the earth. through the millennia, you have come into existence, and we collectively herald your presence amongst us. we are survivors and all of our hard work will pay off i can promise.

tonight's homework:

you are not alone or invisible. i see you and you are known, appreciated, and valid. please do the same for someone who needs a little boost, because most people slink to the sides and allow themselves to be pushed around. give someone the acknowledgments they deserve.



" curious wonders all around "


sun shining in your eyes at all angles. reflections shimmering along the periphery, daystars sparkling along the backside of your ocular cavities, and everything turns purple, blue, hazy, gauzy.

and then when you look up and shield your field of view, something astounding comes into sharp relief. with such majesty it juts and forms a brilliant contrast to all other textures in the immediate area.

you stand bewildered and stupefied in the best way possible. and then the world shifts, and you will never again be the same.

tonight's homework:

inspire someone to think about a wider picture than the one they inhabit, and allow yourself to be changed as well.



" remaining genuine "


being open to all avenues of thought, even the ones which do not entirely parallel with your personal views. you never know when something you've held onto will turn out to be faulty.

we always should appreciate a new set of eyes on our work, even if they need eyeglasses. sometimes eventually tuning out the white noise after entertaining it allows you the change to reinforce your position.

gotta eat proper for your health at least 60% of the time. this is a doable lifestyle, and you can even try to freshen up that slice of pizza, create your own less-toxic home-brews or carbonated sips, and even perfect healthful tater tots if you did a little research.

time is short, time is long. time is a paradox, and you'll continuously be running out of it or cup runneth over. so what are you doing with those minutes between the main bullet points of your day? everyone wants to edit out the parts where you have to purchase rolls of TP or stand in the line to send the thing out.

and while not above all, we should live with a sense of honesty and a willingness to own the potential repercussions your transgressions. we are beautifully human after all.

tonight's homework:

there is nothing more glamorous than getting those tasks done, and taking care of biz. remember to do your part before hounding your neighbor.




" the fruit of your labors "


mind spent, stretched beyond elastic fantastic, seeking rest.

body broken, down to the sinews tension maxed, finding respite.

you've done all that you can, and then some. beyond the call, past the will of others, and through the expectations of all parties involved.

people see you, your selfless actions, your good deeds and comforting nature. they will see these outward attributes, and will be able to discern you out from the multitudes of others.

you are valid, you are cared about and for, and you are loved.

tonight's homework:

remind yourself of your best qualities, attributes, and talents. short or long, these are the ones which will help you to survive.



" a choice of exploration "


left or right, diagonal of backwards?

let no one deter your forward momentum. let nothing if at all possible block your path.

yours is one of revelation, interactive conversation, adventure and seeking out new truths.

to engage a divine wisdom, first means to know yourself.



" cold hands, warm heart "


autumn nigh and fleeting. the encroaching winter's long fingers outstretched and in view.

indoors and huddled, thinking of better times and hot drinks.

everything a swirl, everything aflutter.

beauty in chase, and the desire to have nothing but beautiful dreams and days filled with joy & sunshine.

tonight's homework:

give hugs out to everyone who needs em. you can never dole out enough hugs into the world.



" behind the scenes, there's still a scene "



blink and you may miss it. all it takes is a second to see how it all connects.

the lights wrap around all the right corners at all the complimentary angles. the air itself sighs and swoons. ghosts blush and turn away.

one moment to be a witness, one moment to act with precision and care, one moment to behold and exist within, and one moment to revel and know you are a part of something beyond yourself.

eyelids reset, a breath is newly taken, and the world continues to spin through the darkness caressed by the entire galaxy.

tonight's homework:

if it happens naturally, see if you can speak with a stranger long enough to gauge whether or not it'd be cool to high-five them at some point. not sure if it may happen, but it's such a great way to accent a short and sweet exchange.



" ça m'est égal "


teetering over the edge of everything with all things in balance.

right mind, right action, right breath.

soul-steady and soaring. finding the rhythms alongside the beats, and knowing that there are never just two choices to any and all decisions.

knowing that you are a beautiful creature made of stardust, that you are lovingly flawed and exist at acute angles to the norm, that you are perfect in the afternoon and throughout all hours.

tonight's homework:

saying you love someone without palpable action is like whispering your secrets underwater; you'll feel all the satisfaction of release but the sounds may fall short in the shallows and the pressure builds all around. the message is lost to the waves and current without a destination and aimless.

identify some truths in your life and share them with your closest friends. when we take the time to bring everyone up and make positive moves, we all benefit in finding the most receptive of recipients. 



" modern gentlemen "


good men out in the world, all around with substance, honor, bravery & a robust sense of humor. nothing like reconnecting with cool dudes even if for brief moments, and see that their great nature is being rewarded with successes small and large.

you put positive vibes and energies out into the ether, and eventually it comes back to shine a light. and even if that light reciprocates dim and feint, it is nonetheless important to do good, be good, and remain selfless in most matters.

big ups to all my fellows taking care of biz and providing me with a mirror, a template, and an inspiration to be less a boy and more a man.



" oh snap! "


i mean, it's just astounding but not surprising, just how much effort goes into a project, and the potentially amazing outcomes.

my downstairs neighbors came up on halloween and knocked in an ominous rapping manner, as if it were the grim reaper. i had people over, and we were all perplexed. it being my apartment, i ventured to open the door.

and it was fantastical! magical! it breathed life back into costuming and creativity and sheer dedication! my friend inside thought i was being attacked, and when i opened the door wide to reveal to them this majesty, everyone lost their minds!

the fact that my neighbors remained calm and subdued really added to their presence. all it takes is a little effort. just willpower, inspiration, and followthrough.

thank you so much for the reminders neighbors. you thoroughly won the contest.

tonight's homework:

grease up them elbows, storm them brains, and get a mosey on it; there's no time to waste!