" unknown metric "


i can hear you through the static, just barely enough to make out the intent. there's hope and desire in those squawks and ethereal peals.

i'm finding the radio silence of my heart intersecting with your scrambled codes. the deafening roar of a message not transmitted.

there's nothing i want more than to decrypt those jumbled transmissions, and find my way through to you.

tonight's homework:

make a true connection, and mean it.



" a birthday before all else "



birthday times come around whenever you most and least expect it. has it been a whole year? did i accomplish all that i set out to accomplish? did i make a difference in the world for being in it?

most obviously a time for reflection and reevaluation, gaining a year on your tree of life is another annual treat (other than new year's) where we have the opportunity to take a moment. really take a moment to see if we are living our lives to the fullest, right up to the brim, cup runneth over.

so whether it is your birthday or a friends...or a strangers, celebrate celebrate celebrate! it has been and continues to be an absolute pleasure to have you here with us, and i very much look forward to everything you will do in the time which follows and continues to evolve.




" the long sigh "


flexing past all the weight of the day. passing off responsibilities and finding your stride towards the open doors.

the sun dips behind some errant clouds and reintroduces itself to the wide open arms of the horizon.

everything good all the time rings throughout my heart. the resound of the bright bells lighten my step and energize my resolve.

we're on the streets amidst the flurry of legs and strangers in coats. evening rush begins, and the possibilities are endless.



" glimmers "


every moment at ease, each answer perfect.

everything in its place. billie holiday crooning and shining in the background.

feet shuffle the wooden floors in unison. glasses clink and dishes clatter.

taking in the moment and easing back into the booth,

i find glimmers of overwhelming beauty in the every day.

tonight's homework:

seek out a moment of truth.



" dark matter "


beneath the waves, there is a dampening around my body, and as i sink into the depths, i can hear only whale songs and the shifting of tectonic plates rumbling.

pressure building and the clutch of a deep pressure grips tightly as everything inside me is crushed and implodes. just a flicker of memories scattered in my final moments in the dark matter surroundings.

warm days, bright beams emanating from shared moments, smiles, laughter, those moments when everything fit into place. the moments where everything made sense, had a purpose, sent me reeling, and put me completely at ease.

in the release of the last breath of air, just before my skeleton shatters, i awake in my room gasping for air. the day has broke, the sounds of cars passing in the street mingle with children laughing in the adjacent schoolyard. i inhale in a new day and prepare to change my life forever.

tonight's homework:

clean your room before you are buried by the inconsequential. save the goods, purge the scraps.




" a new arc "


just around the bend,

and through the hushed whispers of a clear afternoon wind,

brushing through the long lean shafts of extended brown reeds,

i spotted the most curious silver fish,

ululating in the afternoon sun, and

vastly huddled together in close numbers.



" end of the day "


closing the set down with all worries of the past week put behind. about to emerge onto the street, read world. open schedule filled with infinite possibility.

sunshine hanging low at the golden hour; the shadows lean heavy along the walls. the deep black contrasting rugged textures of concrete and peeling paint.

just one more moment and my feet are out the doors. just one brief second, and i'm flying and soaring.

tonight's homework:

make the most of the weekend. it's been such a long time since the last one, and its tenure so fleeting. make each moment count!



" karaoke as therapy "


how do you feel? is your hair in a good state? are you tense from the pressures of the day? are you anxious, relaxed, how does your skeleton feel? are you happy?

taking a moment to confront your physical Self helps me to remind myself that despite all f my perceived inherent flaws, these are the hard-won trophies of years of life; these are the beautiful results of living.

each day i try to do something good for myself, my people, my career, my pale of residence, and for the world at large. i don't always succeed in these daily one-offs, but i make the attempt to stick to my abilities.

we try so hard at times to get away from ourselves, to escape our overbearing overwhelming thoughts, away from aggression, from desire, from pain and anguish. of course it is never easy to ease through states of being, but in taking care of realistic goals in the pursuit of larger broader ones, eventually things begin to happen.

the insurmountable tasks lessen in its endlessness, sadness lifts, hope reawakens and your entire life energy refreshes. i hope you will give it chance. perhaps pick one activity that makes you feel amazing. one that heals and elates, one that brings yourself out of your funk, and releases all the woes in your day-to-day. this is the healing power of simple pleasures.

tonight's homework:

the next time you catch your reflection in the mirror or a reflective surface, just linger there for a moment. give it some time to reintroduce yourself to yourself. see into your strengths and count your blessings aloud; you will find that they vastly outweigh your supposed faults.



" the further you go "


you travel so far from yourself that you feel you are newly alone on the planet. whether solely in your mind and actions, or in physical geolocation. we all have to get away from it all once in a while, and isn't it odd, perhaps your neighbor is doing exactly the same.

and then you meet strangers in a far off land, and they're familiar with where you're from. they may not entirely know you, but they know the streets you have walked, the foods you enjoy, and the isms that are your isms as well.

when you try to escape yourself, you eventually realize that you will always be present in your mind, in your body, and that realization is integral to learning, growing, and expanding your world.

tonights homework:

plan an excursion, near or far, and make a checklist of things to do, things to see, and things to eat.



" nervous energy "


confronted with the perceived limitations of my Self, face flush blood hot and shivers sent all throughout the nervous system. lights rack in and out of focus behind my eyelids as i reel back into my mind.

the world goes dark and devoid of sound.

how long have i been here in this dense black? why do i find myself unable to move and escape?

and then lights begin to form as if a great distance away, glowing and growing in intensity, then dissipating. then i begin to hear sounds of my hands, the room and how it reverberates, the wind outside the windows, and the streets below.

coming more and more into the present and away from the dim dreamscape, the glowing lights grow warmer, brighter, until they fill up all the blackest crevices and obliterate all shade and shadow.

my eyes open and i am renewed into the clear light spilling in through the curtains. they flutter as if the energies and beams pushed them aside to gain entrance.

tonight's homework:

face a fear outright, and experience all the heat of confrontation. then move through and past it. you too can be filled with an unknown strength.



" someone will see you "


i found myself in the middle of a rainstorm on the island. sheltered by this tarps overhead in the bluster and throttle of the winds, you could see everyone was ill-prepared. all about me was bermuda shorts, tee shirts, and communal groans.

then to my left and only a short distance away, i could see the bus ticket attendant calm, collected, and beaming a warm light from her minuscule shelter of a booth. everything close at hand, and utilitarian, i imagined that she had been there all day long, and how she had to deal with tourists more than locals.

knowing that my self-imposed challenge is to approach those individuals who catch my attention, i made my way over to the booth through the raindrops. and what a beautifully contained bottle of an exchange followed.

i could tell she was intrigued and hesitant at the same time, but when you encounter an open mind, an open heart, and a willing for adventure, those brief moments extend into eons and time eventually becomes irrelevant.

we spoke, i requested, she agreed, and that harrowing storm (apparently the first in 4-6 months!) passed through my cares as if my shoes were never soaked through. now returned to my home base, and may miles between us, i am endlessly pleased to have had an opportunity to connect with this gem.

may you be ever happy, warm, have shelter in times of bad weather, and sunshine throughout the long legs of your life. many thanks.

tonight's homework:

take a chance on taking a chance on your bravery and see how it turns out.



" ten miles out "


when you're far away from everything and everyone, it's easy to feel lonely. but mostly you have to remind yourself that you are merely alone. it's more realistic and less poetic, but at least it's a truth that can put your worries at rest.

when you're short of breath and the daylight turns kaleidoscopic, it's easy to think that this is the end. the world around you goes silent, and you feel light-headed and heavy-bodied. you have to remind yourself that you are loved, your body is as strong as it is, and perhaps the strongest it has ever been. and you will get through this.

when you're ten miles out, and the frequency dips in and out, there is no wifi, and all about you is radio silence, there is no need for communication technology of the modern era. look to the trees and how they are rooted to the earth. look to the skies and how they fill your lungs and water your garden. look to your parents, siblings, loved ones, and fellow man; they are all about you, in your heart, and the ones who will find you in your most remote hours.

tonight's homework:

take a few moments to reflect of the past weekend. take care to look at those positive engaged times where you felt joy, elation, love, and happiness. use these memories to get you through the week to come, and in those moments when you need to be lifted up most.



" o'er the mountain and through the trees "


attempting to keep a positive outlook over all things.

make sound choices based on facts not reactions, on gut not judgement, on love not pop.

shifting my stride to accommodate the tempo of the path. when all of your muscles are filled with energy, the breath is deep and clean, and the outlook is all fair weather.

meet a friend, share a story, craft a song, play in the ocean, run through the woods, take a train to somewhere somewhere anywhere but fear.



" boat at the edge of the city "


i am arrived by foot to the edge of the city. from within the labyrinthian passageways and graded elevations, the wide waters open up beautifully and fill my entire scope.

vastly blue with silvery ripples, it mesmerizes and enchants, as a deeply peach and blood orange red watercolors the horizon.

there are many people here standing all together, in close proximity and silent except for the whispers on the breeze.

a lone vessel bobbles towards the far jetty of a nearby volcanic island. sails raised and defiant of the tide, it slowly approaches the lip of the outer bay.



" suspension of disbelief "


this is your life. constantly make an effort to claim it, mold it, reshape it, and flourish!

call attention to yourself, seek and locate your confidence!

flex all your muscles both mind and body all at the same time, then release all that potential energies into the ether!

travel far and wide! find companions and fellow enthusiasts, then go look at and experience some ole amazing everything!

tonight's homework:

at least one time a day, revel in the fact that out of all of the people on the planet, you are also one that made it here. welcome again. now it's time to overpower your reticence and hesitations. there's so much to see and do!



" learning from the past "


forging ahead with a full force is fine, but if there is no sense of Self which existed before, there is no reflection, no consideration, and ultimately no growth.

we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of those who had the gumption, but lacked perspective. perhaps instead of relying on those who make the policies, speak for us in our names, and create the rules which regulate most of our daily lives, we should begin with ourselves as individuals.

looking back at past work, past images, past mistakes, and past failures, allows me to offset future grief. it's a great feeling when you find yourself building up and strengthening, rather than blithely placing those false keystones.

i've been really trying hard to get it all together, to make a clear way in my mind so that when i find myself hurtling forward with inspiration and creative momentum, i can get out of my own way. it's been a nice change from constantly tripping over my own feet, then getting frustrated and giving up. there's a real opportunity out there, and it starts with you.

tonight's homework:

reflect, make some adjustments, and give it a go. you're going to do great things.



" nearby ports, distant shores "


casting out a wide net over deep open waters. the sun looms high overhead, the rays extend down into the depths with piercing luminence.

even not knowing how long i'll be adrift, the sense of the unknown calls like a siren. who can resist such a call?

the surface of the ocean flickers and dimples. my body feel heavy in the lingering heat, but everything feels right and good.



" in lieu of a lethargic life "


short of breath, book a ticket.

aisle, middle, or window, no matter.

running full-speed with body aflutter, limbs searing, and dreaming while awake.

you find yourself in front of curious angles and mysterious pathways.

all that you must do now is think about which route to meander.

the elements of an active realization.



" and it may happen only once "


when you're standing in front of a perhaps singular event, what will you do but muster strength and proceed accordingly? there are few moments as precious or amazing as those one-time-only's and whether or not there is a high degree of success, you have to forgo that sense of hesitation and fear.

do not dwell on the outcome or the potential for failure; you will come through the other side of all experiences somewhere on the spectrum of success or defeat. it's not helpful to perceive those outcomes, rather remain in the present moment, task at hand, and do your absolute best to be completely yourself.

it will happen the way it happens, so you may as well enjoy yourself and be genuine.

try to implement this sense of bravery in today and throughout the next week, month, year, lifetime. best of luck in all endeavors!



" the winds are blowing "


i have actively begun searching and defining for those activities which make me feel alive.

to know of such happiness, to have a definition and share it with everyone i meet, is one of my longterm goals. we spend so much time in our life weighed down in defeat, doubt, woe, and a sense of dread. of course we much feel all of those to know what the other side of those experiences feel like. but now, at the end of a long trip, and the beginning of a new season, i feel that i'm ready to shift everything i've been doing into a higher gear.

a life filled with joys and movement, love and passion, delicious foods, and the highest highs. i want to find and share an elation beyond belief. one which fills you up to the seams with a euphoric light, and buckles at the edges until you are unable to contain all the rays and beams.

this is what i am looking forward to doing with more of my time, and i hope to see you all out there with me along one of the paths.

tonight's homework:

don't purchase a new umbrella, learn to dance between the raindrops.