blogs are a strange sort of adventure innit? people start them for all manner of reasons; people want to share the work of others and be a resource for a certain type of enlightenment.

they could want to express to the world (online world) pains, dreams, joys, thoughts, poems, songs, short films, or arts (& crafts).

i began “i saw something” as an offshoot of my main blog, to be a place specifically to share and showcase my ongoing fascination with my polaroid land camera 250. i have enjoyed it immensely, and to my surprise, i’ve not stopped photographing each day since the beginning.

i always think about whether to actively pursue the images of the day, while i’m headed to work, at my job during the workweek, and then in those few hours of commute and meandering after work. or do i just leave it up to my normal brand of casual observation, until i feel an image coming together, and just make the image as it manifests?

the answer of course is a smidge and a dash of both.

an opportunity to explore, to observe and document certain beauty. it’s allowed me to challenge myself on the spot and in the moment, whether or not i can make a sound image with the limitations and strengths of the camera. all in all, i’m just happy to be able to put my work out there into the ether.


to commemorate this 100th post, i wanted to open up an opportunity for dialogue between my fellow photogs, followers, and artists.

if you would like to participate/collaborate, i would like for you to choose &  send me one of two things:

1. a photo reply of a portrait of a stranger, them knowing you’re taking their photo, and of their own volition. no candid snaps of people standing at the bus stop or on the train or in the supermarket purchasing grapes.

use this as an opportunity to face the community around you with confidence and bravery. people are interesting!

photo reply that to me, and i’ll pick out three (3) that i like, and will send you a postcard of one of my images.

2. if you are familiar with nyc, send me a suggestion of a very specific location that i should go to and try to photograph something of your choice.

i’ll choose the top three (3) that i like, attempt to make those images happen by july 1st,  and those picks will also get a postcard of one of my images sent to their homes, apts, or P.O. box.

kudos for suggestions that are completely possible, not illegal, or unnecessarily death-defying. oh yeah, might have to veto some in the case i’ve been there or shot that already, so send me a couple maybe.


winners will be announced on monday, with links to their blogs or sites. did i forget details? lemme know!

thank you for your follows, shares, reblogs, feedback, participation, and consideration.

i’ll make the length of the contest for this weekend, and close it by sunday 23rd @ midnight EST.

remember, this contest is interactive only through my tumblr blog, "i saw something

cool cool, interested?