" a little merry merry amidst the bah humbug "


good will towards all and a joyous holiday season. i seem to find that with this ceaseless merriment all around all the time, that time is compressing. there are no breaks in the line of linear existence. it's all one blur of strange men in santa costumes, holiday sales of all the things that we don't need, and church bells tolling traditional holiday songs in resounding echoes.

but the energy, the vitality, the camaraderie, and the potential for great things to happen keeps me optimistic for the new day. everyone has been so great this year, especially all those who can stand for the only thing to come out of my mouth being that my body is in engaged and sustained vibrant pain every day. it's the small things and the broad strokes at the same time.

speaking with a gentleman last night, i described the want to make new and selfish work in the coming year. something personal and meaningful to me. and in that sense of meaningfulness, perhaps someone else will see the merit and the necessity of such a work. i always felt that if i could put beautiful images that were true and honest of a certain distinction out into the world, then those with a shared sense of beauty and vision would find me.

as it stands, i feel that i have many peers and few professional appreciators. a few choice and very generous collaborators, and few opportunities to show the fruits of our labors. of course it could be said that you will begin to get the results of putting yourself out there, if you are reaching the right people. so perhaps constantly peeking a single toe over the threshold of the door frame isn't the right action to expect so much in return.

so, as i find my time slipping away and hurtling towards this very strange year to become, i will be keeping an eye out for more of those sorts of adventurous, interested, and brave people to make new work with. open to all, and closed to nothing could be a brash statement, but i will lead with it.

let's make something, and let it stand defiant of obscurity. i will demand the best of you if you will do the same for me.

tonight's homework:

give five (5) random people a compliment. make it sincere and be prepared for a reaction. make sure that they hear you, and that eye contact is made. today could be a day that you lift someone up, and in turn lift up yourself.