" the infinite in all things "


today was the beginning of the new year. the weather in brooklyn was an average of 39° and it was overcast. i had brunch with two friends and a steak with sauteed spinach for dinner. all around me within the three block radius i found myself in was calm and clear.

i saw the structure of a christmas angel fallen over in the wind; its translucent bugle nestled in a hedge. there were four drunken gentlemen all bound up in loose but layered clothing all singing and joking with one another. their sense of revelry not yet sated, and the ever-present smell of celebration on the breeze.

there are moments which we find ourselves in a moment of reflection and pause. moments when we can see the world which surrounds us without the viewfinder in the way, bringing everything into a framed focus. this year, i would like to continue to explore the balance of being present with and without my camera.

photograph when i feel i have no other choice, explore with my senses when there is no other option. explore, make plans, engage with everything and everyone. there is so much time.

there is so little time.

i would like to remind myself that the space i exist in has a value that photographs will never see, and textures which will never fully be realized. we can only do our best to remain open, insightful, observant, and honest. make time for all things to manifest, heartaches & heartmakes. my hopes for this freshly exposed year is to meet it at the onset, and do the best i can with everything that comes my way.

tonight's homework:

make a plan to succeed this year in a way that you may not fully understand yet, but will be prepared for when the moment arises. no looking back, and happy new year.