" threading the needle "


hot to the touch, fingers running along the material like a search for the divine in the mundane. winds at your front, back, and swirling around your body from all sides. you're an animal, you're an animal. you are alive.

everything is pulling into focus, and although the perception of what you see becomes ever clearer, there is tunnel vision and blockades and fear and shadows and the ever-increasing unknown. you are a diamond.

everyone around me has the flu, and the hour of departure grows nigh. things which were planned now have begun their steady evolution from lightbulb to raging current passions. you're a human being and you know everything and nothing at the same time.

tonight's homework:

make some time to think about what really motivates you. what do you love? what do you enjoy doing? what gives you pleasure and satisfaction? what helps other people? what can you to to improve something in the world in a positive manner? think about all of these things, and get active! movement being the impetus of the friction we seek.