" change, change, and all things rearrange "



click click click click click...

rebuilding your entire site usually happens out of a desire for change. when that sense of change is involuntary, due to weird coding and all things nerd and boring, what else can you do but forge ahead!

i'm happy then, to announce not necessarily a relaunching, as much as a reimagining of the presentation of my site. whee!

please take some time to see the new photos, peep past blog posts, and browse around. i've split my images into three categories, and added a few new galleries. thank you so much for the support and inspiration. i hope to create more and more, and collab with all interested parties.

i am currently looking for people interested in my projects "the adorned body" and "cape, cloak & cowl" if you or someone you know would like to participate, hit me up and let's chitty chat plan attack.

take the most care,

c. bay