" the nebula in the blackness "


i am walking along the single block from the subway station to my apartment building. the air is damp and smells like freshly rained-upon earth and the slick of city.

the air is still, and you can hear the sound of the tires sliding along as they wick water. after i walk down the center of the one-way street about halfway, i look up and see the lamppost amidst some newly fluttering leaves attached to outstretched branches; the wide green shimmering and flickering in the darkness.

in the moment, the woes and aches of the entire day lift of of my entire being and float away. no thoughts of wet shoes and the lack of umbrellas, no getting fat because i love udon for every meal, no backpacks filled with equipment weighing my soul down, no clients, no debt, no lack of love in my life, no sciatic pinched nerve no relief every minute for the past year, nothing at all.

just simple beauty in the looming darkness. the winds shift and i'm seeing the real world present itself to me like a lingering blush in a shadow.

tonight's homework:

find an event to attend that piques your interest. be not only in attendance, be a participant. you'll be surprised how much people want to be reminded they're people. and don't be shameful of an interest; find like-minded people, engage, listen,  appreciate, and explore.