" the unknown fear of the unknown "


we are so endlessly interesting, how could you ever pass anyone by? so many stories and histories, epics, glorious accomplishments. heartbreaks, romance, tales of wonderment and woe. there's no time for self-doubt, fears, or hesitation!

you never know who you'll run into in the world, so when someone catches your attention, it is for the most obvious reason. engagement with them!

exchange words, inquire and be respectful of space, time, and above all be genuine. you could be the most interesting thing that has happened to someone in their day, or they could be yours. all you have to do it have a smudge of confidence and courage, a dash of bewilderment, and the will to slip just outside of your bubble.

tonight's homework:

say hello and interact with one stranger. be nice and really take the time to listen to their story. whether a short or long amount of time it doesn't matter. what matters most is you make sure that someone in the world was seen, heard, respected, and the feeling was reciprocal.