" cutting a path "


away all doubters, begone all disbelievers, off with your negativity!

we are the makers, the creators, the rump-shakers. those beloved interpreters of the moments in between the edits. these are the new colors which veered from the primary and secondary.

participate, appreciate, pontificate, investigate. we are open, raw, vulnerable, and up for scrutiny or nit-picking. we've prepared for many years of our lives, and although the message and intent are always evolving, nothing can discount the expression and validity.

approach and behold something you've never seen before. be astounded, moved, altered, shifted, and transfigured. life is too short to remain the same shape, and there's so much yet to accomplish.

tonight's homework:

instead of judging and passing off, create something and share. having a voice is difficult, but one of the most beautiful sounds.