" to strengths and their development "


dedication to doing what is best for yourself, friends, family, and others in the world is key now. we're constantly finding ourselves confronted with different situations which are not always the most easy to read.

but if we focus our energies on positive thinking and helpful outcomes, we can be prepared in hard times. the notion that you don't know what to do, or don't have a say, or don't have solutions to offer are false ones.

you want change in your life? you need to push for those changes. you want happiness in your life, you need to develop the means. cultivate those emotional skills to be able to find and nurture a happiness. 

at those times when it may feel that you are the most alone, like a floating atom in the depths of the darkest ocean, know that you are valid, you have worth, and someone is loving you.

tonight's homework:

look at yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself ten great things about yourself and 10 things you can do for others aloud. speak the words, and have a belief in yourself.