" whispering whispers "


when it becomes very quiet in this room, sometimes when i awake suddenly out from a deep dream with a fright, or a large truck passes by on the street and it rumbles as bright lights pan across the walls and ceiling like a luminous spectre, i do have a fear of being alone.

having a thick blanket while sleeping has always meant a sense of protection from the darkness. both the actual shadows in the night, as well as the perception of evils in the world beyond the borders of the covers. when you are tucked in, you are safe.

and i believe that people we meet are like those covers. the blossoming of a friendship, or the evolution of a love between becomes a sort of strength and a sort of shield against evils. and there is nothing more comforting than to know someone loves you.

family, friends, fans alike, it becomes a great beacon and joy, and how unbearable being apart feels when those people are out of your periphery. and there is nothing like those lovingly whispering whispers. the loving ones which coo your name and speak poetry into your ears. this is the quality of the flame i am seeking; a paralleled path of fire to burn my way through this life twice as ferociously bright. come at me world, let's do this proper formal.

tonight's homework:

take a more interactive role in discovering something about yourself or your personality, or your way of doing things which may be holding you back creatively or otherwise. be hard on yourself but attempt to improve though decisive love, and not judgement.

we can all be better people, always. but you don't have to take it out on yourself your shortcomings. we are beings of infinite potential, and it is marvelous to be reminded.