i mean, really, just be a good person. at least make a genuine attempt right?

you'll feel better, people are mostly more nice to you, laughter and shared experiences are usually more guaranteed. the benefits vastly outweigh the potential reception of being less than.

when you project a sense of confidence and positivity, people's faces light up in your presence. there is a sense of adventure there in the eyes. brilliant soothing warmth and invitation

being a genuine person is as difficult as it is easy. there's no real way to fake it, but many do. they wear masks and play parts in the name of deception and malice. they entreat upon all of your noble and honest qualities, in the hopes of gaining access to your emotions, finances, friends, body, mind.

being good is also filtered through cultural mores, so be aware of those as well. know your surroundings, know the right things to say, the best small talk avenues to make people feel comfortable.

you'll want to possible lower your phone or electronic device in the presence of a new person, because you first need to establish the direction an interaction will take. it's just respectful to focus more on the person or persons before a digital interaction with a handheld tool.

there is a manner of decorum in all interactions, and not preaching, but as a fellow human being suggesting, please take it upon yourself to get right in the heart, the head, and the personal space/bubble, and go with your best well-intentioned strengths.

it is a privilege to have encountered someone wiling to speak and share time together at all, and it behooves us all to appreciate the gifts and innate beauty of being present with one another.

© 2014 c. bay milin