the city is going through changes. this is not new.

the machines go deeper into the earth, we expand and rarely contract. it all comes to a head on another front repeatedly all the time, ceaseless, with more cleaving of the soil, uprooting the deepest bedrock, and displacing the inherent lubrication of the tectonic plates.

we are the chaos we fear and potentially its salvation. plunging our desires and architectural dreams into the dirt and soil, into the sod & turf, into the leas and fields, it's no wonder our creations are all crumbling into an encroaching ocean.

i'm not sure what it'll mean for us at present, but i know that these reassignments of raw materials will always happen, and once we reach the acme of our own undoing, how will we all react? surprised?

find the time in your next week to dismantle  something eating away at your well-being, and plant/grow something for the earth.