" natural selection "


simple conversation in the key of catching up. fine alchemy turning cold proteins into deliciousness. roasted sweet potatoes, caramelized parsnips, spinach, delectable and something which turns a cold night into a warm memory.

finding that we are strong, that we have made it despite wars, disease, plague, violence, and climates shifting. we have for a moment conquered time itself, and reside in the eternal. we are the golden victors, the gods amongst other creatures, and the held breath.

time passes on in the slowest of increments, almost down to a rate of growth. the daylight tucks into the earth on the other side of the planet, and the meal turns into a dessert.

walking home the long way, i realize that i cannot feel my legs due to the dipping temperatures. but i walk on, heated by the connections reaffirmed, and the pace which is brisk and unstoppable.

tonight's homework:

indulge yourself. dip in, spread out, make an attempt at greatness.