" i see eternity "


sometimes when i really take a moment to reflect on the people in my life, and how i've greatly benefitted from knowing them, it is plainly staggering. the impact of love, affection, knowledge, and joys...and how in embracing them, i continue to add to my evolving and complex interaction with the world around me.

to know you've touched a soul, and that in return all of that emotion is reciprocated. sometimes there's no need to be equals; we thrive in a learning dynamic and seek instruction and guidance from others who would find the time to teach us. and sometimes we are the instructions, divining our truths and wisdoms to those we love.

in these friendships and loved ones, i can see the thread of my time on earth. i can locate where i have had the opportunity to thrive for my current lifespan, and how i connect to others. it is expansive, overwhelming, and altogether amazing. who knew that simple conversations could expand into a lifetime of shared observations and experiences?

we find ourselves thoroughly intertwined by those heartstrings which initially found their footing and bound un together. in this continuous realization, i count my blessings, and find the time to pay it forward in every chance i am able.

tonight's homework:

spend a minute thinking about all the ways you are awesome. cherish those attributes and make a pledge to expand the list.