" subconscious surfacing "


a mask on a mask on a mask, layered on like coats of paint. i can see myself in front of myself, and the only way information's transmitted is through moments of anxiety and fear.

i can find the strength in those pinpointed moments to break through the two-way mirror, to make my presence and mind known, and to find the words.

outer later, the outwards Self. ever-evolving, every-changing, shifting the visible countenance and metering the level of presentation to the outside world.

sub-layer one, the inner Self. thoughts bubbling, an active deconstruction and interpreter of everyday observations. curiosity and embarrassment residing alongside others in a strange brew of cluttered and constant chatter.

sub-layer two through infinity, the core of each unconscious Self. the whispers in the shadows, the animal, the lizard brain, the reaction, the growl, the base desires, the flash, the electrode unleashed. the primal, the organic, the unprocessed material and matter with which the alchemy can be achieved.

though we are never sure which mask is showing, if you are in tune with the presence of the self, you can knowingly and willingly navigate the more extreme moments over the mundane.

tonight's homework:

sit and meditate in silence for a few to ten minutes, preferably before any internet, television, or mobile phone activities. notice how your mind races and then calms. try to give yourself a chance to rest without distraction, and then gather your centered thoughts, and go about the rest of the night.