" just a hint "


radio silence for a week. headed home home to gather my thoughts and touch home base. going to see fam and friends, eat a proper yay area burrito, nosh on some ole it's-its, and seek all adventure.

sending out all love and support to those who need it, high-fives and whaddups to those who can dig it, and a call to the arms of creative expression to those who are ready for it.

we spend so much of our time not doing, not speaking, not creating, not living. perhaps in this interlude, i will try my best-of-the-bestest to shatter expectations, and get to the heart of the matter. the gray matter, the solid gold brick matter, the active and in-person matter, the good times rag tag collaboration hugs kisses wave to the fans sign all autographs matter.

every end a beginning, and every beginning a promise to keep and uphold. see you sometime soon.

tonight's homework:

look up at the moon and stars, and realize that you exist in outer space, so no dream is overly fantastical to make come true.