" sympatico "


the day is hot and there are only a handful of people on the beach. you place the cooler-bag and your tote down on the hot sand. it was a good choice to bring the extra large thick towels today.

you slip off your slip-ons and cover your eyes with one had to survey the water. though the coast is long with a slight curve which dips into a cove then into the lagoon, you remember that the sea is calm due to the neap tide.

closing your eyes, everything sinks away, and you feel the yea of the sun wrap itself around you. this is what it must feel like to be inside of a toaster, you think.

the others holler and wave from the gravel lot, and as they approach, you slip out of your jeans, remove your shirt, and walk slowly towards the water's edge. the hot sand turns into soft cool packed sand, then went sand with a little give, then the froth and foam of the lapping waves sooth your feet.

just wading into the ocean a bit, you dip all of your fingers just below the surface; it feels so familiar and so alien at the same time. you try to remember the physics lesson which explains why there is a surface and water doesn't just float into the air.

looking back over your shoulder, everyone is setting up their wares. someone you don't recognize brought one of those rainbow-colored beach umbrellas; you decide you like her instantly, then resolve to see who's friend she is before leaning in more.

the wide expanse of the deep blue is so calm and the undercurrent swirls and laps around your inner thighs. later on you're going to eat that sandwich you made, with some chips and a root beer too, and it's going to be the best weekend.

you're flexing all of the right muscles to push deftly forward and up into an arc, then down into and below the surface. everything closes in on itself. for the briefest of moments, all wavelengths are in sync, you are one with the planet, and everything down here is perfect.

tonight's homework:

revel in simple pleasures.