" wanderlust geometry "


what if you're only average? easy-going, grimace-smiles because it's all good, B's & C's sort of outcomes, people laugh at your jokes then carry on elsewhere. you are a palatable sandwich. you are a combination smog check/oil change, you are 2 + x = 24, solve for x. you are pleasant.

gotta stray from the spherical and arc'd nature of your existance. no need to be too safe, because at this stage of the game, the rules are varied and overt complex. it's time, high time some would say, to get off this spinning teacup, and horseback ride through the canyons.

i can't believe out there it's all craggy outcroppings and curious angles from which we cannot see around the sharp bends. what wonder! what majesty! what raucous storms of freedom lightning wrapped up in endless sublimity! 

so no to the median and the mean. no to anxieties of the unnecessary and the overcautious. no to self-doubt, and no to holding back. my heart full up and donkey kong strong. i'll let it all go out from my body, like the shifting murmuration of starlings at dusk.

tonight's homework:

choose an album of yours from years past, set aside the time and rediscover that aural alchemy all over again.