" we know you of old "


winter-sown bulbs are bursting up through the deep dank soil, and stretching their way through the compact earth towards certain daylight.

can you feel your powers waning, your grip slipping while your slender fingers strain to maintain its icy clutch?

the moment has arrived, and you've stayed your welcome. we've loved your company as it has reminded us once again of how we are vulnerable, how precious being cozy is, how simple the delights of walking through a lightly-falling drift can be. how eternal the world seems when blanket is a pristine blue-white.

i see your cool visage and your long legs. there are no more tricks, and the paths are urning greener and more lush with each day which passes. please make your reservation for next year, and i'll be glad to greet you again. please feel free to show yourself out.

tonight's homework:

make plans for warmer times ahead, of the elements, the heart, the body, the spirit.