" how to align planets "


one part dreamer's intent, a dash of available expendable funds, planning capabilities with a talent for making time itself set aside.

mix in a bowl of a weekend's time, set aside.

in a separate bag, pack some clothes, camera gear, assorted snacks, writing instruments and a pad of paper if not a planner or journal. don't for get some cash on hand for good measure.

turn up the excitement and sense of adventure oven to 11. make calls, send emails, consult star charts and tarot cards, correspondence! 

let marinate at room temperature until the appropriate response has been received, then leave home at the right time, make sure you're wearing comfortable walking shoes, and set out at the correct time.

servings are scalable to the number of participants.

tonight's homework:

it's never a bad time to touch base with cool peeps, and see if they've had as good of a week as you have.