" secret treasures "


remaining stationary doesn't always mean you're grounded. being in constant movement doesn't mean you're going somewhere. what is missing sometimes, is the sense of purpose or active intent.

this is not to say that in each move and with each step, you must have a sense of purpose, but it does mean to begin to consider a wider arc in the trajectory of your life. this could mean thinking about how you speak with others, what route you could take today different from previous days, or thinking about how you could take care of someone else outside of yourself.

i have to tell myself this as well, because it is my own daily struggle. on one hand to maintain a semblance of a happy life, on the other to fight my away from self-doubt, fear, anxieties, et al. the best part of it all is to realize that you are not alone. you are never alone.

we are thriving as a species on a world that has evolved to this point in our short history, and we hold such a great potential for connectivity. it is up to you to find your comfort zone, tease out the edges and flex those borders, and find yourself that slice of solace within it. 

it is as simple as it is difficult. the lifestyle you choose is so augmented from outside energies, people, forces beyond our control, and at times it is easy to feel caught in the middle without a say. but you do have a say, and that unique seemingly unattainable sense of complete joy is just within reach.

tonight's homework:

be happy.