" tethers and ties "


all the faces in the crowds, the streets, the trains, the grocery stores. so beautiful, so distant however close, and so intimate, however distant. we span eons of time in each glance, our eyes meeting until one of us looks away.

nothing quite like the feeling that someone has seen through the meshed veil of your true self, in public, and for that briefest of seconds, knows your everything. they have always known, and it serves as a reminder that you are always vulnerable at all times.

in all of your strengths, weaknesses, faults, and loveliest attributes, finding yourself human and fallible provides the greatest opportunity to show your worth.

just a moment of your time, one moment, in which to find the chord without fumbling through the fingerings. we are melodies, we are harmonies, we are the vibrations in the dissonance, we are the echoes in the empty chambers.

tonight's homework:

learn how to cook something, one dish very well. know it by heart, the ingredients, the smell, the textures, and the nuances. learn this and always have that one in your back pocket should anyone doubt you. and then learn more things after that one.