" occasional early riser "


morning time golden sunlight spilling into my room my face full flush with sleep eyes squinted open eyes flickering with the beams full force and now i'm awake to the fresh air to the birds song singing through the flutter of the leaves and the voices along the street are few but loud.

the wind is caressing my face my body my legs pumping and cranking upon this mechanical marvel zooming along at 20 mph to my left the cars all parked ahead the lane is all clear like able sky with no breeze on the right a feral park already awoken for hours.

the only sound is this golden light over the entire plaza and no one is around but us in the sun where the few faces are smiling and the top of the park is so empty but serene and quiet and and and as with some special times when you are about of sorts or in other sorts you feel like you ay be tumbling down and all around but in reality everything falls into place.

tonight's homework:

locate a source of happiness and be thankful.