" tutti a tavola "


similar to a delicious meal with choice ingredients, the right combination of people in your life makes it more complete. whether seasonal and spread out in-between a more face-to-face interaction, or a daily interaction, it is important to treat each moment with a sense of calm and urgency all at once.

what if this were the last time in a while you will see this person? what do you have to share or say? be humble, be brave, be blunt and poetic. make good decisions, lean in, make them feel important, wanted, singular in space. 

the rest of the environment falls away into a soft beautiful blur, and the attention is fixed and fastened. nothing is more pressing than this moment. everyone desires some attention, but not many people have more genuine interactions than forgettable ones.

you must show your affection in ways that completes a circle. in a sense all of our life, we are in pursuit of these moments, and how simple it seems at times to find yourself in one.

we close a loop with our friends, which in turn defines a circuit. the rest is lovely memories, soul-expansion, revelatory conversation, and newfound electrical currents. time slows down and we begin to exist beyond its constraints.

tonight's homework:

go out of your way to make someone feel great about themselves. it could be a simple compliment, or a broad stroke. no one is above putting more love out into the world.