" lavish things "


every chance we have to show each other our vulnerabilities, we locate that beautifully intimate pinpoint of the true Self. we see each other, into and through one another, and it's a lovely realization.

we require this sort of beauty, the sort which forwards us in our endeavors. the ones which allow us to learn more about the people in our lives and the world at large. the galaxy, the universe, the true nature of what it is we are doing here.

to know that our lives are fleeting, does this make you want a higher quality of experience? i am endlessly seeking this beauty in my own life, in my photographic work, in my personal relationships. there's no time to waste really.

we must make a great effort to be honest, brutally kind, aggressively open, and enchanting whenever possible. things come into alignment, and you have moments where you take notice. those are the moments which we must recognize, and make an attempt to multiply.

i look forward to your everything.

tonight's homework: