" peering into, through windows "


looming spectres of the near past weighing so heavily, so lovingly over the entire surface of my body. the feeling of being held, the sensation of constant contact. this memory remains vibrant and true; a vision and a presence which permeates and lingers.

the people who enter your life, and stay...as well as those who blaze through and fade away. everyone has a place in your heart, no matter the tenure or degree of separation.

fall a little bit in love with every person you encounter. it is a true method which allows you the access into your core empathy center. it may be a struggle, and you may end up more hurt than when you met, but the rewards far outweigh the risks.

it takes a bravery to fall and lean, and rarely is there another way to feel so acute the entire breadth of possibilities.

tonight's homework:

aim for the target, but take the time to look at the spaces in between. judge the light, the humidity, the strength of the wind, and the weight of consequence. you may make it to the bullseye, but is that really the goal?