" treehouse for lost girls "


stuttered short breaths upon arrival, followed by a stillness. there gaze met mine, and i felt one with the earth below my feet. i felt removed from all things, save the moment which extended past a sense of linear time, as if a delicious creamy taffy stretched and pulled beyond the comprehension of its purpose.

all i could see were those beautiful brown bodies, those soft shoulders with the shadows dancing upon them, the dappled sunlight upon their necks, and static piercing double pairs of eyes looking at me, into me, through me.

the waft of saltwater shied over the eaves of adjacent homes, and grazed over their thighs, through their unkempt hair, over their exposed knees, around their entirety. minutes passed, hours, days, years...eons. it takes seemingly forever to make a first contact, and we were not at all in any rush. it was easily one of the most glorious and entrancing scene i had come upon.

my beguiling sirens; i saw them there through the linen sheets, hanging to dry. looking up, lovely angled limbs, swaying and dangling. i found them there in the thick of the summer's afternoon heat. the skies would not give, and delivered no rain for weeks on end.

tonight's homework:

know that just around the corner, amazing things are waiting for you to behold, be challenged,  and understand them. don't remain still for too long; the world remains in motion, and you must meet its movements if you wish to truly engage.