" nature is winning: storytime "


at night, you can hear the animals. they are out there during the daytime too, but it's in the darkness where they have learned we are more off our guard. ever since the grid went down, the fossil fuels depleted, and the water wells became tainted, we have had to survive on very strange means.

this is the time where we become more unified as a species, and allow ourselves to embrace our animalistic nature. we are from the same earth as all other things on the planet. there is no need to believe we are higher in the food chain or in the intelligence quotient just because we have done so well thus far.

algae production for water and nutrients, massive desalinization efforts, and protein rations. everything from the dystopia stories are coming to fruition in a very strange yet serious way. but what hope we have in this time.

such creativity and brainstorming. such revelry for all science over religious faith alone. this is the dawn of the next chapter of man. these are the times for forgiveness, for understanding across differences.

right before dawn breaks is when we all tend to get up now. tend to the land, and take care of the soil, the existing waters, the trees, the flora and the fauna. times are blessed, and our future remains bright.

tonight's homework:

do a science experiment, no matter how simple. expand your view of the universe.