" i see you "


people can see an imposter, but most are not guided or learned enough to know when they are being seduced. a sociocultural slight-of-hand distracts you away from more important matters of the heart, the family, a real sense of camaraderie and quality interpersonal relationships.

we'll not find truths in advertising, just shades of inadequacy and self-doubt interleaved with slices of supposed sensuality and vigor. be strong and ever vigilant. a will which remains active and observant can have a higher degree of seeing beyond the frills and pomp.

be whole in all of your decision-making. be confident in even your wariness. there are not many guarantees of a constant happiness, but effort counts for something. hope counts for something. sacrifice counts for something.

it's not in gold where your wealth will be measured. it's not in the fashion or possessions, fortunes or surface things. it will be in your actions, words, and followthrough.

tonight's homework:

look at yourself in the mirror. really have a look. contemplate the Self, your present, and where you wish to be in the next five (5) years. make a commitment to get yourself there, and bring as many of us along with you when you make your move.