" in low orbit "


i am present, i am present. i can barely make out the words you're speaking, but i can feel your presence. cool air in, swirls through cavities and their processes, then the heated spent air out.

the long darkened dims of night now break into daytime. the atmosphere shifts its chemical composition, and the ocean tides create gales which shudder forests, shape the dunes, and usher rivulets of mountain streams hurtling down glacial paths through the mountain ranges.

these whispers create mountains, or burrow underneath them like an immense strong vole. there nestled in the cool dank earth, your words become my truth become my mantra become a heartbeat become live-giving, life-sustaining.

i am whole and found, fragile and taut, steadied and nimble. i have completed a circle.

up the tongue, past the teeth, through the lips, and into the world. our shaped thoughts find flight on whispered wings.

tonight's homework:

make your hopes and dreams into reality medicine, and administer with haste.