" no ill will "


between both sides of healthfulness is plan-making. when you're under the weather, chills, fever, soreness, achy everythings, you make so many plans.

what holds us back from a true realization? what fears weigh us down, taxes our confidence, and saps our strength to do it all on our own terms? what is it? what?!

that novel i was going to finish. that artwork i was going to realize. those projects left unfinished.

well, i suppose it varies from person to person and situation to situation, but generally the great thing is, if you are on the mend, feel better, fever reduce, and come slowly back to health, these are the exact things that you could do. even if you are in an extended sickness, you could do most of these things!

the truth is, you could begin right now. change your perspective, change your life. the trajectory of your day, week, month, year, life shouldn't be regulated by what amount of media you've consumed. go out! interact with the world! rejoice in your ability to engage all the senses! time is so short, much shorter yet if you are not tip top.

and it's never too late to forgive yourself, for forgiveness lies in the past, and healing in the present and future. look forward to it all, and the world comes to you.

tonight's homework:

going to travel more, going to write more, going to keep up correspondences more, going to keep in touch with family & friends more, going to exercise to keep up my health more, going to eat better, going to swim, going to run, going to go on hikes, going to do more pushups, going to draw more, going to photograph more, going to go see live music more, going to dance more, going to the cinema more, going to make more money, going to love more, going to craft more, going to hang out more, going to explore more, and on and on and on until you're closer and closer to the person you want to be.