" the shape of learning "


the more i look into the form moments take, it feels like a wide arc. or a bell curve with a standard deviation. we determine so much detail from our past experiences, that when it comes to current ones, you would think we would feel better prepared.

and some are for sure. doctors, firemen, clinicians, master thesis academics. but for the most of our lot, we rely on our animal instincts mixed with a little memory recall. 

even though sometimes, that sense of memory is blurry, malleable, fallible, twisted, or glanced over, it still holds weight. we still move forward to the best of our abilities, with the best of intentions, and hoping for the best of results.

tonight's homework:

don't be hard on yourself, its tough out there. don't be hard on others; everyone has a story to tell. do the very best that you can.