" in a crowd of strangers "


who really is the strange one, when we are all strange?

we do good, we do bad, we do our best when we are faced with it all. life, real life is a waking dream at times, and a heavy burden at times.

you put your best Self forward, remain present and optimistic, focused and at the ready for moments to shine. and how brightly we all shine, sometimes alone, sometimes together.

when all of us are strangers, no one is a stranger. regard each other as your family member. take care to take care. remember compassion, remember empathy, remember your lowest lows and your darkest times. reflect, and renew your faith in one another.

we are all out here doing the very utmost, and the effort alone is encouraging and inspiring.

tonight's homework:

give yourself a break. you are really doing great, and we all need a chance to rest and collect ourselves.