" the ole back and forth, up and down, in and out "


whether finding my stride against the grain, or feeling whisked by by unseen forces, there seems to be a turmoil attempting reconciliation. i seem to be atilt, swerved off-axis, and free-floating through a space of an indeterminate destination. 

recently, most of our solar system's planets were in a curious alignment, mercury was/in in retrograde, el niΓ±o built up to our latest snowblizz action, it was a full moon, and i believe we felt it.

twisting, stretching, dancing, flexing all of the muscles in the body all at once to rid it of unease and restlessness.

i have a planner but no real game plan. just to do good by myself and others, to give and forgive, to love and be loved, to live and at times give myself up to the moment when it arrives, remains idle, and eventually fades out and away, soon to return.

tonight's homework:

gather your notes and papers, folders and records, scribblings and printouts. soon, you'll need everything to be in order.