" polishing a turd "


we give praise out when it's warranted, when it's deserved. you cannot lift up a situation that is burdened with a complete lack of self-awareness. you can just lift up the spirits of people involved.

when you're faced with nearly impossible conditions and tasks at hand, there are a few things you can do.

  1. do your best with what you got.
  2. bury your head in the sand and wait it out.
  3. calmly eat snacks and smile at everyone, but not in a creepsy way.
  4. ask someone for help, but set your bar low at first.
  5. read the manual, twice.

there are forces out of your control, but you can still make every attempt to create an atmosphere of awareness, understanding, hopefulness, and ultimately lightheartedness.

we do not willingly need to accept the world as it is, believing it to be a rigid system, unshakable and without the capacity for change. there is great hope for us yet.

tonight's homework:

there are many opportunities left in your days, and your friends and colleagues will help you. remain open to all avenues, and double-check to see if you've brought the proper footwear.