" your mind is a diamond "


in so many ways, this world fascinates. what avenues, what wonderment, what a sense of discovery in each day.

i saw a sunset today which, in each single moment becoming, and with every passing second, doubled in its beauty, tripled in its depths, and i kept looking up into the skies, my mind screaming in disbelief.

"what is this!? how is this possible!? will i ever see the like again1?"

and the truth is a resounding YES. there are so many amazing things to revel in, to belong with alongside of, to revere, to fall for.

places are like that. they sparkle in the distance, and gleam up close in stark relief. memories are like that. they remind us of times past, and lead us into the future.

people are like this. they come into and out of your life, and you'll always have to make every attempt to remember the lessons learned, the love shared, and how we helped one another deepen our conversation with a sense of the eternal.

tonight's homework:

take the time, take the time. be respectful of this everlasting moment.