" fireflies "


just tonight's homework:

make real connections. of course we revel in the fact that we live in the future right now. we're surrounded by screens and lasers, objects of wonder and design. there is no end to the types of amazing sleek, awe-inspiring, and beautifully transcendent technological wonders out there for us to utilize and enjoy.

we mine through our social medias, our applications, our proud online connections, in the search for a closer, truer experience of each other across distances. and in most respects attain them.

but hold each other close and revel in one another's company. be present, honest, true to your fellow humans, and be willing to regress back from the edge of the future for a moment. set aside time for face-to-faces, for touch, kindness, laughter, tenderness in person, and real connections amidst this illuminated darkness.