" in multitudes "


let's get quiet.

whispers in close context. the willow branches brushing alongside your face. you think of textures, or nature, or shifts and gravity. the world tilts and teeters in its slow languid sense of movement. there is and endless wealth of time to decide anything at all.

let's get loud!

mumbles and murmurs turn to shrieks of laughter! hands on the ground with bare feet up in the air writhing. you think of dancing, or making popcorn, or swimming in the ocean, or running wild and being free. the earth swirls and washes over in a raucous frenzy. there's no time like the present to go for broke and give up the ghost.

tonight's homework:

kindness, understanding, and the capacity for empathy and compassion are commodities which never lose their value. spend them plentifully at your leisure.