" a notion of proximity "


as i have said before, my eyesight is not the most tip top or robust. there are definitely times when i wish that i had clearer vision, sharper vision.

and i know there's lasik and vision correction procedures, bout would it fix everything? would it adjust all the things in my life left soft and fuzzy, askew and atilt?

when you're close to someone in terms of distance, mostly everything reveals itself. the contours of the body, the manner of clothing and accessories if any at all. then you step closer and the face becomes fuller in regard, brighter is importance. the mind begins to whir and synapses fire, as questions aggregate, and curiosity is piqued.

then you step closer. eyes bloom and blossom, a breath pattern is heard, and even though they remain newly formed and unknown, you feel as if you'e known that person your entire life.

but what do you really know? other than a few senses, can you sense what is felt in the heart, or grasp the richness of their stories? this is why in my life, more and more so each day which passes, i am aiming to delve beyond the spectacle of my sight.

dash the physical properties of evaluation; i am diving deeper now. i am seeking their stories, their words, desires, failures, triumphs. in each word a lifetime, and in each sentence a universe. i'm not altogether sure of how successful i will be in truly opening myself to this challenge, but i must remain steadfast and resolute. to do and be any less, and the world dims and slips away.

tonight's homework:

listen, really listen. take note, show respect, be true to the moment, and make defined choices.