" metamorphosis milkshake "


it's in the realization that you are now here and at this particular point in time, where things may unfold in a multitude of different ways.

kind words can soothe or turn sour. observations of one's past shift from favorable to distasteful. once burdensome secrets once tightly clung, now slough off revealing the newly formed sheen of a brilliant-borne Self.

we have at all times, the innate ability to grow beyond our parameters. it happens in the mind, in the body, in the soul, in the heart, in the gut, in the senses, in the reactions, in the actions, in the intentions, and in the teeth.

you can become yourself, constantly becoming, ever blossoming, ever-more lovely than the day previous. all it takes is will and step.

tonight's homework:

embrace your younger selves, and learn to live alongside them. they are just as much a part of you as you are now. thank them for their lessons, love them for helping you to get here, and forgive them for their lesser-than moments. we all do our best.