" how it dangles "


the light seeps into my bedroom through the uncovered windows. the air lingers warm and low to the floor. this morning is the best morning because i have an opportunity to do good int he world.

every possibility, all choices, each determination and the total numerous paths which could be taken...lay within arm's length. 

show your loved ones your affections with actions, words, poetry, art, song, handmade cards, favors, and all manner of gifts. 

we make or decisions based on a vast amount of attributes, and it is in this morning that i've distilled them all down to simple actions, simple feelings. powerful singular motivations.

be good to everyone, and don't hold grudges.

cultivate creativity, and encourage it in others.

explore the world around you, and invite others to join in.

this is our one life on this go-around. our one at times complicated beyond belief and beautiful beyond measure life. you can sit by the wayside, peripheral to your life's events and happenings, or you can engage, permeate the storyline, and put your hand into the fire which burns.

tonight's homework:

say what you mean when you mean it. say what you feel when you feel it.