" an intersection of sorts "


dark thoughts in a nightmare:

i can sense your departure, cold shadows stretch along my open back. you turn away, and all light escapes into the creases.

it's like a rough ocean swirling and roiling. it's like a cascade of rocks hurtling downward. it's like a dead silence permeating throughout a living forest.

it's like a glass falling to the floor shattering upon impact. it's like the clenching of teeth. it's like slumping face first into a cactus patch with a full force.

it's like holding old photos of happier times. it's like uncontrollable tearfall. it's like tearing at the walls with broken fingernails searching for meaning in the foundation of a house with no sense of decor, the body rippling with fear and loss, and the lights all broken.

i am closing my eyes and letting you go. 

tonight's homework:

find the map back to the true path, create one of your own is necessary.