" molten lava "


it's just curious. the ole back and forth. the ins and outs.

moments of clarity run together and queue up in formation, then blur together on their way out of your head,and come tumbling out of your mouth.

briefly, the transmission line is down, and everyone scrambles. the people flee in all directions, with no clear sense of an ultimate destination.

but i remain calm, or at least make a valiant attempt to do so. sometimes it is so hard to get over your own pig-headedness, one has to take a step back to see what a mess of it all it could turn in to.

and yet in the end, we do our very best. no longer a sisyphean task, i can get over the pride and passions, the opaque quality to my self-righteousness and grandeur, and shut it down before i burn myself.

tonight's homework:

really listen. if you hear the sound of your own voice, you may not be listening.