" no guards at the gates "


i always find myself taking asides from reality, to step outside of the flow of it all, and have a think, to make an evaluation, a reassessment of sorts.

are you happy? are you doing the things you love to do? are you doing your best to take care of yourself and those you care about? did you buy necessary items to augment your sense of healthy living, mindfulness, and lessen your material burden in general?

and it never happens in a succession of individual thoughts, ideas, or questions. it's like they all form at the same time, and occupy the same space, overlapping, and intertwining with one another; a swirling amorphous mass of Self-communication which whispers, buzzes, rings, and peals. all vying for attention, all equally important alongside each other. all a beautifully pertinent query.

and it all comes and goes throughout the day, into the night, into my dreams, and greets me when i awaken in the morning. loyal and true, pure in it's own sense of curiosity, and distinguishable from other more rational thoughts and notions.

we spend so much time doubting ourselves, and for sure, some times with good reason...decision-making and the like. but to feel like you have no voice, to feel like the voice you do have is unimportant or without weight and merit. these are the thoughts to cast aside.

you bring your best sense of wonderment to each moment, a sense of investigation, of inquisitiveness and snoop around. where there is interest there is concern. where there is concern, there is care. where there is care, there lies passion, and where there lies passion, real answers can begin to form and take shape.

tonight's homework:

be brave enough to own your feelings, your silliness, your loves, and your desires.