" the all-seeing eye is blind "


we think we see everything, but it simply isn't true. so much of the world is a blind spot. so much of the day exists in a milky haze.

what is the true nature of the day? how can we properly reflect on a day's passage, if the angles or infinite, and some inherent beauty is obscured from view? what are the repercussions of such a myopic existence? will i be able to see my way through?

i spend a fair amount of time making plans, keeping plans, following my heart, making checklists, following the checklist through the day, and getting through as best i am able. there's a lot of self-discipline in keeping up with a system of your own creation. which makes it extra fraught when that system hits a bump or hiccups off course.

suddenly meetings with friends are crossed out, plans get messy, people get forgotten, misplaced, out of sight, sometimes out of mind. and it feels like i'm going out of my mind. it's maddening, and then it's frightening.

and then you come to your senses, and attempt to make sense of it all again. starting from the beginning; starting from scratch. back to basics, back to the heart of it all. and no matter how horrible the day becomes or your vision is, a clarity of intent and purpose always makes an initial great guidepost back into the realm of progress.

tonight's homework:

realignment, whether good food, good friends, partner/lover, meditation, tv-binge, or deep sleep.