" the curious handful "


casting stones across frozen lakes, my breath hits the air and cools to a wisp of opaque vapors. all of the warmth escapes from underneath the winter coat, as i sling the next stone out over the surface.

it leaves my hand like a rocket and soars in a long arc, defiant of all gravitational forces, before it leans into and heads for the center of the earth.

as mineral strikes ice, an echo breaks forth immediately, resounding throughout the surrounding mountains. i realize the futility of it all, the emptiness of it all, the feelings of momentary joys replaced by something more gray and regretful.

my body whips around. i'm facing away from the lake. i take out the remaining stones from my pockets and they drop with multiple soft thuds to a dampened earth sheathed in a thick layer of fallen leaves. i'm walking away from the ice, and towards an embrace of warmth some distance away yet.

tonight's homework:

seek out the definitions to your truths in a manner which lifts everyone up. in the end, we are all in this together.