" the best part "


and now we're here. all dreams manifest, all good things come into the world. singing songs at all times; those open-hearted sweet lullabies which permeate all evil, all darkness, and rest like a dove in the breast.

such good times ahead. such beauty, adventures, wishes swirling about like a thousand moths fluttering and shimmering around the light we made. everything else dims in the world around us, and there cocooned all together, i can see the glimmers of all hopes venn diagraming together in lovely formations.

we shout to the skies and state our desires aloud for all to hear. we rejoice and breathe with mouths agape, with faith in everything good. with love. with love. with love.

we are sustained and move on forward.

tonight's homework:

make a promise to yourself to put forth a true effort to better your life, and the lives of those around us. it is worth it at all times.