" no good deed "


we're in a constant state of decay. cells coming apart at the seams, half-life realities, and eventually we will one day cease to exist. 

perhaps this sentiment is more acceptable if legacy is important. or a lasting memory, or a record of your existence. a sum of tweets or an endless newsfeed aside, a record of your time here on earth is a precious commodity, and we cherish our memories. we honor our loved and lost.

we do our best to interact, to enjoy, to see and listen, to explore and travel, to smell taste, and resonate. life has such beauty because of its limitations. when we learn that we are human, time becomes precious in a myriad of ways.

this line of thinking always brings me back to the living. to have a knowledge of the finite, and strive for the infinite in everything. you must speak with those people you wish to speak to. you must care for and spend time with the people you may have neglected. it is always the right time to make a true connection.

tonight's homework:

make good decisions, eat some fruit.