" inventive paraboles "


the absolute best thing you can do for yourself, is give yourself a break. the body reacts and stores up stresses in the muscles, in the sinews and tendons, in the bones and marrow.

if we keep our woes, alarms, sadness, and burdens tucked away between the cellular walls, we risk a lifetime of slow tension which strangles creativity, and stifles progress.

deep breaths, eating well and healthful, stretching it out, talking it out with people who are listening and care for you. these are the activities of healing.

dance! cook at home! be silly! sing songs! write songs! dare to be wrong, and don't be too proud to admit fault! learn from a mistake!

a plan to walk a path of calm and rejuvenation, can begin with a single thought, a single shift, and a single action. an acceptance of the impermanence all around us, sets you free from the worry of controlling everything.

things change, and that's fine. soon you will change, and thats fine as well. you've already changed.

tonight's homework:

let love into your heart, and reflect it back into the world tenfold.